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Information and Application Procedures for IALS Fellowships


The Institute of Advanced Legal Studies has over the years welcomed many established scholars, mostly from overseas, to work in its well stocked library. It aims to offer, without charge and without formality, the basic essentials of library research: access to an extensive comparative legal research collection and a private desk at which to read and study together with IALS support services.

Since 1990, the Institute has offered each year a number of Visiting Fellowships. These Fellowships are intended to create close working relationships with scholars from other institutions, from overseas or in the United Kingdom, who are undertaking work within fields covered by or adjacent to its own research programmes, and who would like to base themselves for a period at the Institute. The Fellowships are designed for those already established in their own fields of activity; they are not intended for the support of postgraduate degree work.

The Institute's Visiting Fellowships are non-stipendiary but the holders will enjoy a variety of benefits in kind which will facilitate their work, along with close association with the relevant research and training activity being pursued at the Institute:

The benefits are as follows:

  • private office or carrel space within the Institute Library

  • borrowing rights in the Library

  • enjoyment (within pre-determined reasonable limits) of free telephone, fax, mail and photocopying facilities at the Institute, and of Library computing facilities

  • publication in Working Paper form of research undertaken while at the Institute

  • associate membership of the University of London Union, permitting full use of its sports and social facilities

The Institute and the Fellows will have a common expectation that the Fellows will play a part in the intellectual life of the Institute and will make such specific or general contributions in a particular area of research as may be agreed with the Director at the time of selection.

Visiting Fellows will be expected to stay for a period of at least three months, and up to a year if they wish. Applicants from non-EU countries may need to make a Tier 5 visa application. Visiting fellows needing to make a Tier 5 visa application will be assigned a Tier 5 Certificate of Sponsorship by the University of London. More information on this process is available from Eliza Boudier ( The following schemes are available:

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Visiting Fellowships

These Fellowships are designed for persons already established in their own areas of activity who are undertaking work within fields covered by or adjacent to the Institute's own research programmes which are currently in the following areas:

  • legal practice and the legal profession

  • legal education (including legal skills)

  • comparative law

  • legislative studies and legislative drafting

  • European law

  • company and commercial law

  • access to legal information (law reporting, legislative drafting, legal databases, legal bibliography, management of legal information services)

  • Information/data law and policy

While these topics are preferred because work is already going on, the Institute is ready to receive other proposals from persons wishing to be considered as Fellows. Any such proposals should indicate the interest for the Institute of work in the proposed field.

These Fellowships are not confined to academic lawyers, but are equally open to scholars of other disciplines working in the relevant fields, and to practising lawyers or judges with scholarly projects to pursue.

Within this overall scheme, dedicated Visiting Fellowships are also available in the following specialist areas:

Visiting Fellowship in Law Librarianship

The Institute will consider applications in respect of any area of law librarianship, but would welcome in particular projects which relate to the following ongoing activities in which its own library is involved:

  • The continuing development of its collections particularly in regard to legal materials from jurisdictions outside the United Kingdom (except non-commonwealth Africa and Asia). This may include the development of co-operative links between libraries

  • The continuing development of the provision of legal information in electronic form, particularly from the regions described above

  • Free access to law, particularly in relation to the development of legal information institutes and their services (IALS host the British and Irish Legal Information Institute and is the UK representative of the Commonwealth Legal Information Institute)
  • The generation of external funds, particularly with regard to the provision of information services to the legal profession.

  • Implementation and exploitation of the Innopac system in law libraries.

  • Archives of legal information in particular relation to legal education. (IALS holds an archive of documents relating to legal education in London and is accumulating information on archive information held elsewhere in London).

Sir William Dale Visiting Fellowship in Legislative Drafting

This Fellowship, specifically dedicated to this area of the law, is named after the late Sir William Dale in acknowledgement of the tremendous contribution that he made to the area of legislative drafting and law reform. Fellows will be closely associated with the Institute's Centre for Legislative Studies:

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Applications and Selection Procedure for IALS Visiting Fellowships

Applications are accepted annually by 31st January. The application form should be sent to Eliza Boudier at

Applications are reviewed by the Institute's Research Committee, which meets annually in March. Applicants will be informed shortly afterwards as to whether their applications has been successful.

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Inns of Court Fellowships

The Inns of Court Fellowship Scheme is open to senior judges from the following jurisdictions:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Caribbean
  • Ghana
  • India
  • New Zealand
  • Nigeria
  • Pakistan
  • South Africa
  • United States (federal)

Nominations for the Fellowships are made by the Chief Justice in each jurisdiction. The Institute cannot accept any applications directly.

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School of Advanced Study: Interdisciplinary Visiting Fellowships

In addition to the Institute's own schemes, additional Visiting Fellowships are also offered by the School of Advanced Study, of which the Institute is a member. These Fellowships are intended for scholars wishing to undertake inter--disciplinary research in the humanities and social sciences, especially across the fields of study of the School's member institutes: Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, Institute of Classical Studies, Institute of Commonwealth Studies, Institute of English Studies, Institute of Historical Research, Institute of Latin American Studies, Institute of Modern Languages Research, Institute of Philosophy, and the Warburg Institute.

Further particulars of these Fellowships can be found on the School's web site at:

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