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How To Join The Library

The Institute welcomes visiting legal researchers from any university worldwide. To apply for membership you just need to complete and submit one of our application forms and supply proof of your current academic status and registration. (IALS and the School of Advanced Study's own students, staff and fellows can apply for a SAScard).

Members of academic staff of a recognised university, UK college of higher education or academic research institution are admitted for the current academic year.

Postgraduate research students of a recognised university are admitted for the current academic year:

  • from University of London on proof of registration (eg current student card)
  • from other universities with a letter of introduction confirming current registration from their tutor or department administrator (for each academic year).

Non-University researchers with legal training are admitted on payment of a fee.

Postgraduate taught-course students, except those registered at the University of London, are not admitted.

Undergraduates are not normally admitted.

Limited temporary admission is permitted for University of London undergraduates on recommendation by letter from their tutor or law librarian. The letter should state that the student needs access to consult specialist materials in a particular area of foreign or international law that are not available at their college library. It is not necessary to list the specific items to be consulted. IALS reserves the right to re-direct the student to another, more appropriate library for their needs.

Students taking professional / vocational examinations are not admitted.

Services for the Legal Profession

An institutional subscription scheme is available to law firms, sets of barristers' chambers, legal departments of commercial organisations, government departments and other institutional users. A subscription entitles any member of the firm, chambers or department to make personal use of the Library and to use the document supply services.

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(i)            A recognised university, UK college of higher education or academic research institute should be a “not for profit” institution.

(ii)           Admission of research degree students without charge is for a limited number of years from initial registration, after which normal fees become payable.

(iii)          The Director has discretion to extend eligibility, in appropriate cases, to periods immediately before and after the period of registration.