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Resources for International Students

The following is a list of links to help your transition to the UK. Please note that the links on this page will take you to external websites.

Immigration and Visa. Practical and updated information on immigration and visa issues.

Arriving in the UK.   Practical information on issues such as transport and money when first arriving in the UK.

International Students and culture shock.  Adjusting to life in a new country and a new culture can be very difficult at first.  This UKCISA information sheet aims to help students prepare for this period of adjustment and the effects it may have.

Driving in the United Kingdom: a guide for international students.  An explanation of the legal requirements relating to the car and to the driver.

Comfort Zone - Safety and Security in the UK.  Practical information on keeping yourself and your belongings safe.

Online Crime/Incident reporting. You can use this service to notify the Metropolitan Police of non-emergency crime in London. (e.g. the theft of your wallet or bag).

Keeping Healthy.  A practical guide to medical services in the UK, and student's entitlement to them.  Also helpful information on diet, weather and personal health. The UKCISA also has very helpful compilation of health information .

Student Calculator.  Helping you plan and use your money at University.

Tuition and Fees. An explanation of all the groups entitled to the home rate of tuition fees for courses at universities and colleges in the UK. 

Taxation Information for students:  International Students and UK Tax, information from HMRC.  Tax information, information from Direct.Gov.UK.

Out and about.  There are a number of different organisations offering social activities for International Students.  UK Student LifeLondon International Meet-up.

Preparing to return home. Practical arrangements before leaving the UK, and a discussion of 'reverse culture shock', which many students experience on return to their own country.

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